Manufactures and real estate


We now have the ability to turn models into something we can use to first understand how things are actually going to fit together on a site, and then put something into the hands of the people trying to lease or sell units later. Imagine the Client want to buy an apartment and coming into sales office. Putting on a headset and being transported into a three-dimensional world allows you to take a virtual tour of a property or experience a condominium floor plan come to life. The Client can walk in the space and actually maneuver around to see where windows are located to make sure there's enough sunlight, make sure you have enough clearance space in kitchens or with door openings, or make sure the span of the wall is sufficient enough to furnish the apartment.

While choosing the apartment you can also present several interior styles that are implemented exactly in chosen apartment. When you show the project to a Client using VR technology, it changes the whole experience. This technology really allows you to be inside the space, see how it functions, and realize how it lives and breathes. 

Talking about the exterior, we have to mention the possibility to show the project both in the daytime and in the nighttime. The last option allows understanding the facade lighting that could be also interactively changed by the Client with the controllers. According to inVR experience, this option is one of the most affecting.

The VR visualizations are priceless when you are selling property located in another city/country.


Manufacturers still mostly view VR for gaming rather than enterprise solutions — but that is changing, according to new services that are becoming more and more popular. Virtual reality is undoubtedly a fabulous way to understand the product form and space, and from a marketing standpoint, it’s really, truly convincing. Therefore, these are the benefits for manufactures:

  • Showing your product and product series in different interiors / exteriors
  • A possibility for a Customer to change the products in the interior / colors of the product
  • Creating virtual showroom to show all the assortment (real showroom is always too small to present everything)
  • Creating virtual presentations for your dealers in any part of the world
  • VR equipment installed in your showroom/office is an additional anchor to attract Client and motivation for designers to bring there Clients
  • This interactive adventure will definitely leave positive emotions to everyone who tries it
  • Creating a bank of VR models that will become super demanded for designers in the near future
  • Virtual Reality models can be filmed as normal videos and be used on any device

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