More and more architects are incorporating virtual reality for architecture into their practices. Using VR technology allows architects and Clients to truly understand the spatial qualities of the project. There could be different Levels of Detail, so you can just either get a sense of spatial relationships in a non-photorealistic room, or the experience could be hyperreal, so that a VR walk could have soft sunlight filtering down through a clerestory window, with the sound of birds chirping outside. 

We can create amazingly impressive presentations of your projects for the Clients. Usually it's not so easy for the Client to imagine the future space even when seeing the 3D visualizations. Virtual Reality will make you Client both impressed by your modern service and confident about the apartment/exterior efficiency and meeting his expectations. Our company also offers a service of adding interactive functions into the VR model: changing colors, furniture, lighting, day/night switching, etc.

The more architects get involved with VR, the more they can shape the future marketplace. There are huge opportunities and synergies with the VR and design world.

inVR - bringing the space to life!

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