inVR provides the most innovative technologies integrated into beautiful and ergonomic design and architecture solutions. Virtual reality (VR) allows you to feel and to see nonexistent projects, and to make the right decisions. The edge between the project and real world disappears to open up a future and to present concept ideas. inVR specializes on architecture and design. We create high quality furniture, interiors, exteriors, landscape, etc. that could be customizable in real time. 

A 3D rendering just shows flat pictures while VR makes you feel the space. You can tell how tall, how deep, how big, or how small things are, estimate the lighting, textures, and shadows of the space. For the most part, VR relies on gaming engines to develop the immersive experiences that has a whole different workflow and paradigm than architecture. Thereby, inVR programmers have developed own technologies to convert usual 3D projects into Virtual Reality. VR allows you to be inside the space, see how it functions, and realize how it lives and breathes. 




  • Exterior design
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design
  • Landscape design
  • Lighting design - in cooperation with world famous Light & Beyound
  • Real estate presentations (exploring the building's layouts, choosing the apartment/office, applying few design styles to the chosen premice)
  • Virtual showrooms of your furniture or any product 
  • Interactive changes in real time: type of the products in the interior, colors of the product, textures, lighting, etc.
  • Day/Night switch for both interior and exterior scenes (dynamic lighting could be implemented)
  • Many more amazing things we can create on your request


  • Wow effect for the Clients/Customers
  • One scene can be used in any part of the world
  • VR equipment installed in your showroom/office is an additional anchor to attract Clients and motivation for designers to bring there Clients
  • Saving time when there is a need to choose something (apartment, house, interior style, walls color, couch design, ets.)
  • Virtual Reality models can be filmed as normal videos and be used on any device
  • Using modern technologies increases your company prestige level
  • Allows to create the same VR showroom in many countries (if even there is no office there)
  • Kind professional support from inVR team whenever you need it 
  • Affordable prices for such an amazing service

inVR - bringing the space to life!


Would you dare to enter our virtual world?)