Rozit Design is happy to present you quite a new service - Interior design in Virtual Reality. In our modern world, it gives you huge possibilities. We specialize in architecture in VR - both exterior and interior. Our team of entutheastic programmers creates amazing projects, that can be done with a lot of interactive functions.

EXTERIOR in VR is a great way to present the project in the best way. It can be used with both real and virtual buildings.  It's very useful in residential complexes when people want to see several apartments to choose which one to buy. In addition, they can do it in comfortable sales offices located in any place of the World. We can do a super presentation of your amazing conceptual project to find the investor. Moreover, you can use one file in any country.

LANDSCAPE - creates a hyper realistic scenes together with exterior buildings. Allows creating both small gardens and whole cities.

Working as partners with world-famous LIGHT AND BEYOND lighting company, we create realistic lights in VR night scenes. It helps a customer to make a right decision about the lighting. It also the best way to show dynamic lights.

INTERIOR in VR allows you to feel your future apartment (office, hotel, shop, etc.) from the inside, to completely immerse yourself with the designed interior. I the interactive scenes you can change colours and furniture in live mode. It's not only captivating game, but a future technology of creating interiors that will create a harmony with Client's soul.

inVR by Rozit Design - creating the future that you want!


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